Student Panel Program

This year the student panel will have as guest students and young engineers who won the present or past editions of IMS award. The goal is to inspire the students with our best research projects and have a discussion on the topics that are relevant for students such as membership, software and hardware tools in research, presentation and writing skills. The presenters are:

  • Arvind Rajan: Moment-Based Uncertainty Evaluation for Reliability Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems
  • Linli Xie: Micromachined Instrumentation for On-Wafer Measurement of Cryogenic Temperature and Terahertz Frequencies
  • Francesco Picariello: Assurance of traceability for smartphone-based kinetic measurements
  • Paolo Castello: Smart Phasor Measurement Unit with variable reporting rate for Smart Grids

Some other presenters may be present depending on the time conflicts with other conference activities.

I invite all the students to participate actively and in large numbers. The student panel will take place on Wednesday, May 16, 10:20 - 12:00 in Room Founders III.